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Migrants are often disoriented and lost when they arrive needing to assert their rights. There are numerous obstacles, from the language barrier, via the complexity of administrative processes, to being unaware of current legislation. We therefore help migrants to overcome the obstacles that they will encounter.

We intervene in residency applications and family reunifications as well as requests for asylum, pleas and recognition as a stateless person. The Canton of Geneva has appointed us to provide legal support to unaccompanied minors (UMs), who are a particularly vulnerable category of migrants.

Our services
  • Family reunification requests,
  • Residence authorisation and provisional admission requests,
  • Applications for a change of canton,
  • Statelessness recognition requests,
  • Case file examination,
  • Drawing up pleas, re-examination and revision requests,
  • Requests for intervention from government and non-governmental organisations,
  • Requests for family and evidence searches abroad.
cases concerning unaccompanied minors