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While children’s rights are in theory guaranteed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the children remain a vulnerable group.

Whether children experience family conflict, insecurity or isolation, they are often the main victims of mistreatment.

If the challenging situation continues, it can negatively affect the child’s well-being with potential consequences later in life.

And the phenomenon is global: no world region is spared. When we come across mistreatment, negligence or abuse, we can intervene in multiple ways.

We alert the authorities in Switzerland and/or abroad so that immediate protective measures can be taken. We assess the exact situation in which the child finds themselves with their family, foster family or authority home. We then share our reports between countries so that the child’s full history is known and decisions can be taken in their best interest.

We also collaborate with the central authorities when a country has ratified the Hague Convention of 1996 on international child protection.

Our services
  • Reporting high-risk situations,
  • Assessing a child’s situation,
  • Assessing a family or institution placement abroad,
  • Support with transferring guardianship abroad.