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When a couple breaks up, the child is often the main victim.

Although the parent perpetrator may feel perfectly justified in their actions, it can have a disastrous effect on the child, who can find themselves uprooted in an often unknown country and a hostage in the conflict going on around them between their parents.

Our multidisciplinary team of collaborators is key in abduction cases as they can offer social and legal assistance as well as undertake mediation.

These are always highly delicate situations requiring us to be extremely reactive and work across borders to preserve family bonds wherever possible.
Firstly, the child needs to be found and the “aggrieved” parent given psychological support and advice on legal, administrative and social matters.


Next, we turn to our network in the country where the child has been taken to set up child protection measures and establish contact with the parent perpetrator so transnational family mediation can begin.

We coordinate the different players involved in the case (authorities, social services, parents, lawyers, NGOs, etc.). We then prepare for and support the child’s (and possibly the parent’s) return if this solution seems to be in their best interest. We subsequently monitor the situation to ensure the child is developing and thriving.

Our services
  • Information and advice for parents and authorities involved,
  • Locating the child,
  • Establishing links with the “aggrieved” parent,
  • Assessing a child’s situation,
  • International family mediation,
  • Post-abduction monitoring.
cases of child abductions handled
cases of child abductions abroad registered by the FOJ