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  • Individual assistance
When dealing with sensitive issues, each case must be considered on an individual basis as situations are often complex and unusual.

This is why at ISS Switzerland we work in a highly tailored way to find suitable and permanent solutions for the person concerned.

It all starts with a warm welcome and careful listening. Our teams focus particularly on this essential stage which establishes a relationship of trust and ensures the situation is properly assessed.

Our approach gives the individual we are helping an active role as solutions are sought.


Our intervention can include the multidisciplinary skills of legal experts, lawyers, social workers, mediators and project managers depending on the expertise required in each case.

Our support is always fully impartial and focused on the child's best interests. We encourage mediation and monitoring over time.

Our cases are highly varied and can involve:

  • international child protection,
  • support for binational couples and families,
  • family tracing and international adoption,
  • direct support for unaccompanied minors,
  • assistance with returning to the country of origin,
  • collaboration with foreign communities in Switzerland,
  • assisting migrants affected by the Dublin Regulation,
  • international adult protection.