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  • Awareness and advocacy
Government and international organisation awareness campaigns

In order to improve the context of our work and see child protection legislation develop, we actively participate in conferences and international colloquiums involving politicians and decision makers from all over the world.

ISS Switzerland is a member of the network of Swiss experts in matter of child abduction, as well as the group of international experts tasked with considering the legal and social implications of gestational surrogacy.

Our assistance is regularly requested by the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference, where colleagues discuss issues around child abduction.

As for UMs, ISS Switzerland is an active partner in the Destination Unknown Campaign and the Separated Children in Europe Programme (SCEP), which involve defending migrant children’s rights at European and international levels thanks to collaboration from major international organisations.

Creating a new legal framework

Our expertise in the different fields in which we work is well known, meaning we are often invited to participate in think tanks working on creating new standards and laws for social and humanitarian issues such as migration, child protection, gestational surrogacy, adoption and family tracing.